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Company history

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Company history

As a medium sized manufacturing and distribution company with our headquarters in Berlin, we have followed the historical transformation of our city and cann look back on an eventful history. The decision makers of our company managed to always tahe the right steps at the right time to succeed and achieve the company's goals.


Important events


The Berlin entrepreneur Joachim G. Raida brings his idea of the "AUTOGULLY" successfully to the stage.


Company founded. Launch of the first product through agents. Then successful pan European marketing of the range wholesalers.


The company moves into its administrative and production building in Berlin Reinickendorf. Further development of the Autogully (Autogully application), construction of a range of car mats.


After the fall of the Berlin wall follows the move to the state of Brandenburg, to the city of Zehdenick. In addition to the company's founder his son, MBA Guido Raida, joins as Managing Director.


After studies with great success and a successful training Matthias Peter Raida takes over the distribution and marketing management of the company


Further expansion of the range and expansion of the distribution to neighboring countries in close cooperation with the wholesale trade.


Establishment of company "Autogully of America Inc." with a wide range of car mats.


Matthias Peter Raida becomes the CEO of company. Guido Georg Raida retires from the operation according to his own wishes


Construction of the first production capacity in Eastern Europe, especially in Poland in close coorperation with resident manufacturing establishments.


Moving the company with all its production assets from Brandenburg to Poland. The corporate headquarters and administration will remain in Berlin.


continuous optimization of production processes with a focus on automization of labor intensive operations. Continuous development of new products and increasing direct cooperation with European retailers.